Paul Jackson, Exercise Coach, FDN Practitioner

Holistic Weight Loss is Permanent!

Paul is a very thoughtful, patient and practical holistic practitioner. He is also a critical thinker, and does not hesitate to challenge common societal beliefs and behaviours. Paul’s initial CHEK evaluation goes far beyond what you would expect from a traditional personal trainer. We’re not just counting pushups here! He includes a thorough postural assessment, a wide range of motion/functional strength tests, and detailed inquiries into diet, sleep patterns and stress levels. As a result, the training regimen he develops is highly personalized, with a goal of making you “the best YOU” that you can be. For anyone wanting to improve their overall well-being (beyond building good-looking biceps), Paul is your man. Overall, he delivers tremendous value.

John R.

 I have had many personal trainers over the years but I must say Paul is one of the BEST.   I am feeling stronger everyday!  Thank you Paul!

Donna H.

"I've never been stronger or leaner!"

Jeremy R.