Online Coaching 

My online coaching program is for serious clients who seek a high quality, high value service that will give both permanent and profound changes to their life and lifestyle.  My goal is to create connection and rapport with my clients because changing a life requires more than just accountability!

Assessment Guide

A refillable PDF that teaches you how to assess your flexibility and provides insights into potential muscle imbalances. I use this information to help create YOUR unique stretching and exercise program.

Lifestyle Guide

An important document that helps you not only establish healthier habits, but helps you understand your ‘WHYS’. We need to know who we are and what matters to us if we are to truly change and become who we are meant to be. This document teaches you about core values, goal setting, and some exercise science principles.

Full Video Program

Your entire program will be on video, which is one of the reasons this program is so different. ptEnhance is a special system that allows me to create highly unique, customizable programs that can be easily followed.

Email/Check-In Support

Clients will be able to email once per week, and can book in a 13-15 minute live chat. Connecting with clients is important to how I work with people and I want to make sure that all clients have my support and attention when they need it.

Additional Educational Materials

Clients will be assigned various educational materials through ptEnhance. This is to increase your knowledge, and thus your power. I want clients to be well versed in holistic health principles, and this requires continuous education.

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